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He heads to Rita's house, asking to see Callie. He tells his sister how he messed up really bad, explaining how he just left during a math test and yelled at Lena. He admits he doesn't want to head home after what he did. She asks if he's afraid because he yelled, saying how she's put them through far worse. Jude asks what she thinks they may do, but she assures him every kid yells at their parent. Jude protests not kids like them. Callie says how he can't be afraid to speak his mind or make a mistake. She says every kid needs to learn to stand up for themselves, including him.

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He is later seen enjoying the party and clapping as Callie, Lexi, Mariana and Jesus come out for the waltz and dance. When Callie and Brandon are about to dance the scheduled waltz, he is seen looking back to see Tayla's bitter reaction. Later, he and Callie watch Jesus and Lexi together. While Callie is confused, Jude explains they have a thing for each other. Callie wonders how he knows, to which he responds that he "pays attention". He then calls her out for her romantic tension with Brandon, causing her to insist she isn't stupid. However, he says that she makes stupid choices. Just then, a pretty blonde girl taps him on the shoulder she asks if he wants to dance. He accepts and is later seen dancing, having a good time.

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The next day, he returns the stolen bracelet to the store. He tries to make up that he put it in his pocket and forgot to pay to the female store clerk. He apologizes and tries to leave, but she offers that he can pay for it now. He says he doesn't have the needed money. She asks how much he does have and he says $95. She tells him the bracelet just went on sale %65 off. He asks if she's sure and she says yes. He then gives her the money and takes the bracelet back, smiling.

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During the party, Chelsea complains about how bored she is and suggests they play a game. Jude offers to check the game closet, only for the girls to suggest spin the bottle via an app game. When Jude brings up how there is only three of them, Connor comes into the room, surprising Jude. He tells Jude he told his dad he wanted to come over and didn't ask for his approval, making Jude happy. He then asks the group if they are up to anything and Chelsea says yeah, now that there is four of them. Jude then uncomfortably looks at Connor.

At the church for the funeral, Jude can be seen in attendance alongside the family. Before heading in, Callie asks if he is okay. Jude says yes, and she takes his hand as they head inside. The scene then cuts to a flashback as Jude and Callie, in a similar fashion, entered just as so for their mother's funeral. Back the present, the family arrives back home and begin preparing for the afternoon family funeral and celebration of Frank's life. Jude asks Lena if he could have Connor over, calling her "mom". Lena agrees and Jude smiles, walking from a happily emotional Lena to being called "mom" by him.

At school, Callie and Jude are called into Lena's office. They sit them down and tell them the meeting is regarding their adoption. They tell them how the adoption process has started, but in order to petition to court, they require permission from their birth father for his rights to be signed away. Callie is upset to learn he still legally has any, since he has not contacted them in years. Jude asks if he can deny their adoption by them something Callie doesn't believe he'll do. Stef tells them if he does, they can fight it, but hopefully it won't come down to a custody battle.

That night, Connor finds Jude after looking for him all night, finding him on top of some large boulder rocks on the beach. Sitting next to him, Connor expresses his confusion, asking what Jude meant when he said he wasn't gay. After reassuring Connor that he still likes him as more than a friend, Jude explains how his whole life he has always been labelled as something - "the foster kid," "the new kid", "the kid with the dead mom" - but simply wants to be himself without a label anymore. Connor asks if that means that he doesn't want to be his boyfriend anymore, but Jude assures him that he still does. After seeing Connor's relief to this, Jude promises him this and takes his hand. They smile in contentment.

After Callie arrives home, everyone is excited to see her. However, Jude is distant with her. Callie wishes to catch up, but Jude excuses himself under the claim of a book report. Lena and Stef bring up how he can do it after dinner, but Callie waves it off. She says they can catch up later, but Jude only walks off. Later, Callie walks in as he and Mariana are working on his project together. He says she's been helping him out lately before leaving to go to bed. Mariana tries insisting he is having difficulty re-adjusting, but Callie again dismisses it.

This is one of my favourite interviews I have ever done. Colin is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable, and it was just such a pleasure to discuss and debate with him over subjects that fascinate me. I learned so much. I really hope you find it as useful and enjoyable as I did.