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Another area in which there are considerable differences is in the drawing up of a will in both countries. In England, marriage invalidates any previous will, however in Scotland this is not the case, and in Scotland a will can be signed without any present witnesses, and witnesses can also be beneficiaries, which is not possible in England. Under Scottish law, children and spouses have “prior rights” and therefore cannot be excluded from their inheritance, which again is not the case in England.

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Anyone studying for an undergraduate course which requires a degree to gain entry, the only available funds are a student loan for living costs as well as supplementary grants.

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Musique, nourriture, boissons, jeux des Highlands et bien plus : découvrez notre fantastique programmation d'événements et de festivals à travers l'Écosse.

If you are moving into higher education and are hoping to obtain funding to be able to pay for your course, you will want to know whether there are any funds or grants that you are entitled to. Here, we look at the various options which may be open to you depending on your personal circumstances.

This is just a brief look at some of the differences between laws in England and north of the border, and while some areas of law are extremely similar, such as employment law, there are often small differences which can be very important when it comes to taking a case to court. Even certain legal terms are different. For example, the crime of arson in England is called “fire raising” in Scotland. Anyone who is keen to study law must therefore make sure that they are applying for an appropriate course of study so that they will be able to practice in the country of their choice once they graduate.

Over the years, Edinburgh University 8767 s culture of research has led to many world-changing discoveries including genetic cloning in the form of Dolly the sheep, the Higgs Boson particle and chloroform anaesthesia.

A year on a standard full time Scottish course usually awards 675 credits, and 865 credits is required to obtain an ordinary degree with 985 being necessary for an honours degree. By checking with your university you will be able to find out how many SCQF credits (Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework) your course will award you. Once you 8767 ve registered with the SAAS you should make your grant application, and you must renew your grant application every year.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has refreshed her Cabinet to bring in new talent to meet the current challenges faced by the Scottish Government.

The University of Edinburgh is currently ranked as the top institution in Scotland. The 6 th oldest university anywhere in the English-speaking world, this institution has had a presence in the capital city of Scotland since 6588. Based in the “old town”, the university is still surrounded by beautifully preserved buildings from the era of the reformation and offers an amazing educational experience for its students.

One of the main areas of difference is in property law and conveyancing, with Scottish solicitors having a larger hold over the housing market than their English counterparts. In fact, in Scotland, solicitors often sell the properties themselves, acting as both legal advisor and estate agent. In England, a contract of sale must be negotiated, signed and then exchanged, in Scotland, several documents called missives are exchanged instead. These missives mean that transactions become binding quite early in the purchasing process, which means the gazumping is less likely to be a problem.